Saturday, March 28th, 2015

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The ALL NEW Easiest Way To Send Money To The Philippines With A Very Good Exchange Rate, based in the UK, just recently added several new countries/currencies to their global exchange platform, including US Dollars and Philippine Pesos. Other countries added were Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, and Nigeria. To celebrate and get the word out, Transferwise employees in New York City stripped down to their underwear and jogged around the streets mostly nude with Transferwise hats... [Read more]

Is the NBI and the BI Putting Filipino Citizens and Foreign Residents at Risk for Identity Fraud?

Recently, the NBI and the Bureau of Immigration have implemented mandatory online applications for citizens and residents, shockingly, WITHOUT THE SECURITY OF HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Beginning January 5, 2015, NBI Clearance requests will be required to be done online. Beginning January 1, 2015, all Bureau of Immigration Annual Report registration will also be required to be done... [Read more]

Send Money to the Philippines with Bitcoin for a Very Small Fee

My favorite method for sending money from the United States to the Philippines is, and I wrote a post about it some time ago here: My Solution For The New P150 or P200 Charge For Using a Foreign ATM Card In The Philippines However, with the recent explosion of Bitcoin as a global currency and the new advances in being able to send and receive bitcoin worldwide, there might just be an equally... [Read more]

Philippines Budget Airlines for 2014

I wrote a post about Finding the Best Airfare Deals in Asia a while back, but since that post, there have been some changes, mergers, buy-outs, or whatever you may call it,  and I will now update you on the current Budget Airlines situation for 2014. What was once ZestAir is now owned by AirAsia, and is technically called “Zest AirAsia” or “AirAsia Philippines”, but if you... [Read more]

Check Out The New Philippines Bureau of Immigration Website! Nice Work!

  The Bureau of Immigration has updated their entire website, and it’s looking really good. The most important links are easy to find, all the forms are downloadable, and all the requirements and fees are up to date and listed. Procedures for carrying out applications are detailed and explained in a clear, step-by-step format to reduce confusion. Go to and check... [Read more]

The Emigration Clearance Certificate for Tourists leaving the Philippines after Six Months of Stay

  An Emigration Clearance Certificate or ECC is REQUIRED for all those on a Tourist visa who have stayed for more than 6 continuous months in the Philippines. It can be applied for at any Bureau of Immigration Satellite Office. The fee is 500 pesos and it is usually issued on the same day of the application, however it’s recommended to apply for it at least two weeks before departure. The Emigration... [Read more]

Travel Tax for Tourists Leaving the Philippines

  Travel Tax is a 1,620 peso fee that is charged at the airport upon departure from the Philippines. Normally it is NOT charged to those who are on a Tourist visa unless the Tourist has stayed in the Philippines continuously for more than a year. If you are on a Tourist (Temporary Visitor) visa, and you have extended your visa for more than a year, then you will need to pay the Travel Tax at... [Read more]

Philippines Visa On Arrival Extended From 21 Days To 30 Days

Yes, it’s true. Starting next month, if you visit the Philippines, you will be allowed to stay 30 days in the country instead of 21 days. After that, you can go to the Bureau of Immigration office and apply for an extension for up to six months per the new Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension. The Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines has certainly been busy this year revising current laws and... [Read more]

The new Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE), a 6 months visa extension for tourists

There has been some significant changes within the Bureau of Immigration recently and I thought I should post an update. If you entered the Philippines with a Tourist visa and you want to extend your stay, it is now possible to apply for a 6 month visa extension rather than just a 2 month extension. All the costs and fees are the same, the only difference is that you would pay for 6 months in advance,... [Read more]

Find the Best Airfare Deals in Asia – Part Two

In an earlier post, I mentioned some budget airlines operating here in the Philippines which you might find some great deals on flights within Asia. This post is going to show you three other ways to find great airfare deals in Asia. The first one is When you sign up at, they will actually send notifications of the latest airfare promotions directly to your email inbox.... [Read more]

Baaaaaaaalluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt! No Thanks.

Balut is a favorite snack in the Philippines. You can often see the balut vendors roaming the streets yelling out their well-known cry, “Baaaaaaaalluuuuuuuuuuuuutttt!” Balut is a fertilized duck or chicken egg that has been boiled in hot water killing the baby chick fetus and solidifying partially the other contents of the egg. The consistancy is kind of like a regular hard-boiled egg but... [Read more]

Sinutab is Dangerous To Your Health, So Why Do They Still Sell It in the Philippines?

At some point, if you are living or even just visiting in the Philippines, you will most likely find yourself buying some kind of medicine over the counter at one of the millions of pharmacies located in every mall and on just about every street corner (they are more numerous than McDonalds restaurants). Maybe you have a cold, a fever, a runny or stuffy nose. You will realize the medicines they sell... [Read more]

Budget Philippines Airlines, like Zest Air and Cebu Pacific, Have Expansion Plans for 2011

Syndicated from –, Philippine News for Filipinos By Daxim Lucas, Paolo Luis G. Montecillo Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 20:43:00 01/13/2011 MANILA, Philippines—Niche carrier Zest Air will expand its flight operations to countries around the region in the coming weeks in line with the expected arrival of up to three more single-aisle Airbus... [Read more]